Place to Visit


Gangen Namgyal Lhatse

2 km from Hotel Tawang Holiday. Popularly know as Tawang Monastery was founded in the 17th cetury by Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso under the supervision of the 5th Dalai Lama.It is one of the oldest and larggest Lamaistic Mahayayana Buddhist Monasteriees iin India. The three storied main monastery (prayer  hall) is built on a 140 sq. meter in area and houses the magnificent historic, 28 ft, tall Golden statue of Buddha. Adjoining the main prayer hall are sixty five residential buildings for date close to seven hundred monks. The Tawang Monastery serves to preserves and imparts advance Buddhist philosophy, tradition and culture.


Tawang War Memorial

1.5 km from Hotel Tawang Holiday. The Stupa is locally know as Namgyal Chorten and is forty feet tall galancing the 190 Mtn Brigade. The War Memorial was blessed by the 14th Dali Lama who sent Holy Scriptures and statues of various Buddhas which are  installed within the Stupa. Sent Holi Scriptures and ststues of various Buddhas which are installed within the Stupa.


Phong-Phongma Fall (Jang)

One can visit the famous phong- phongma waterfall about 40 Km drive from Hotel TawangHoliday. Also popularly known as Nurongneng waterfall is at place called Nyamseir. This enticing beauty of milky white water is enthralling and thunderous ovation for those visiting the place.


Sela Pass

The Sela Pass (more appropriately called Se La, as La means Pass) is the high-altitudemountain pass located in Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh state of India. It has an elevation of 4170 m (13,700 ft).This place is snowed in most of the year and offers excellent and heavenly views all year round. This part of the Eastern Himalayan range is pretty special for the Buddhists as it is believed that about 108 lakes exist in and around Sela pass and each of these lakes has a huge religious significance for the Buddhist community.Very close to the Pass is the beautiful Sela Lake (sometimes called Paradise Lake because of its beauty), which could be fully or partially frozen in winter.


Khinmey Nyingma Gompa.

5km from Hotel Tawang Holiday. The Khinmey Nyingma Monastery, also known as Sang-ngag-choekborling, is located in the village of Khinmey near the headquaters of the Tawang District. The name Khinmey comes from the Monpa word Khi-Ket-Nyan-Mey, literally meaning a place for listening to the sound of barking dogs. Lengend has it that the area was once coverd by a thick forest teeming with wild animals. Hunter let loose their dogs in the forest and followed them by listening to their barks. It is said that, one day while hunting.Sonam Rinchin, a leendary hunter from Yubu village, met Rev. Kundun Sange Yeshe, the founder of the monastery, who was meditating in the vicinity. He soon gave up hunting and became an ardent disciple pf Rev. Yeshe. The area belonged to Sonam Rinchu and he offered it for the establishment of the monastery. As a result the Khinmey Nyingma monastery was founded by Rev. Yeshe,the first Thegtse Rinpoche, in 1440 A.D.


White Tara

about 40km from Hotel Tawang Holiday is Lumla. White Tara is know as Jetsun Dolma and is apypical female Buddha who is extremely popular among lay Buddhists and those in monastic institutions. A giant 85-feet high White Tara statue is being constructed at Mon Lumla by the Society under the spiritual leadership and guidance of H.E the 13th Tsona Gontse Rinpoche.The main idea behind  construction of this statue is to ensur peace and prosperty particularly of the people of the Mon region of India and of Bhutan and Tibet. The statue was supposed to be completed within three-four years from the starting of the work, but due to shortange of the fund the work has been delayed to the finacial year 2013-14. The construction Committee nd Society has been fund raising for the same since the fund received feom the government was utilized.To be noted hear that after completetion of this project will not only facilitate pilgrimage and tourism but also open the avenues for boosting economical condition of local populace and carries the massage of world peace and prosperity.Hence, the socitey and the Committee has been untiringly working towards the completion of this statue in date line.



About 2 km From Hote Tawang Holiday .It is established with the purpose of promoting the manufacture of local Handicrafts. Tourist may take back home souvenirs, Thanks,carpet,masks, wooden bowlaect 


Lama Zabse

 About 19km from Hotel Tawang Holiday.The young VI Dalai Lama on his way to Tsona Pieced From a hillock admiring his visit to this beautifl please living hisfoot print on rock know as  Lama Zabhse

P.T. TSO 20km

Pankang Teng Tso (Lake)

Is about 20km From Hotel Tawang Holiday. The lake is as blue as lapis lazuli on clear day coyly hidden under the mist on rainy days, surrounded by fiowers of all colours in October and stark white snow in wintet


Bramadung Chung Ani Gompa   


Ganden Thekchen Choeling, popularly know as Brama Dung Chung Ani gompa was built by a monl Kachen Yeshi Gelek in the year 1826 is about 8 km from the town 



Madhru Lake

Jong-nag-tsea lake which is about 45 km from the town has spectacular view between the rugged hilly tettain.This lake was formed during flash flood in 1973.It has bare trees standing like guards in vigil. 


Tak-tsang Gompa 

The Tiger's Den, as it is called,is located about  50km from Tawang,nestled amongst breath-taking surroundings of coniferous frests and lofty mountains.It is believed to have been hallowed by the visit of Guru Padmasambhava in the 8th century.The mark on the floor are belived to bethe footprints of the Master and hoof prints of his horse.It is saide that when the Guru reached the spot, a tiger received him,so the place came to locally know as  Tak-tsang (Tiger's Den) A temple was later constructed at this site and came to be know as the Tak-tsang Gompa.